To date we have been able to supply images for display in offices, restaurants, surgeries and hospitals, from out extensive photographic image bank. Some of the installations are listed below. 

London Eye Hospital. In August 2011 we supplied large images for installation in a London hospital.

A Restaurant Extension in Dorset. February 2011. Five Coloured Edge Block prints 18mm thick sizes ranging from 1.7 metres long to 0.9 metres all 60 cm deep. Each fixed to stand proud from the wall leaving behind a ‘drop’ shadow.

Framed Photographs for Doctors SurgeryFramed Photographs for Doctors Surgery


Doctors' Surgery and Corridors. Large framed prints are located in three surgeries. In the instance below panoramic prints depicting the same local scene in winter and summer. Other images are located in the waiting area.


Company Boardroom with a 3 metre size quality Canvas Wrap panoramic image of the Blackmore Vale, Dorset. Two smaller images are included in the scheme.