Cranborne Chase is mainly chalk downland covering parts of the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. It is adjacent to Salisbury Plain and the West Wiltshire Downs in the north, and the Dorset Downs to the south west. The slope of the hills faces the Blackmore Vale to the west, and to an extent the Vale of Wardour to the north. An area of 379 square miles (981 square kilometres) of the Cranborne Chase and the West Wiltshire Downs has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the sixth largest AONB in the country. The highest point is Win Green, in Wiltshire, at 910 ft (277 m).
Win Green in Wiltshire in the Morning - ID: XP181058-01White Sheet Down near Mere. The landscape from White Sheet Down in the morning sunshine is spectacular and reveals a network of fertile arable fields. - ID: XT2173271-01Summer on Win Green Hill, Wiltshire - ID: XT1152694-01Orchids on White Sheet Hill with Little Knoll on the horizon - ID: XT1152604Orchids on White Sheet Hill with Little Knoll on the horizon - ID: XT1152519White Sheet Down in June - ID: 5D3152465Dutch Barn on Wyke Down near Sixpenny Handley - ID: 5D3151605-02A Stand of Beech Trees near Tollard Royal in Wiltshire - ID 5D3151299-01Cranborne Chase in February on the Dorset/Wiltshire boundary - ID: 5D3151108-02Win Green, WiltshireWoodminton Down, Wiltshire - ID XT1143704-01Bluebell Wood in Wiltshire - ID TX1142174A Stormy Day on Cranborne Chase in July - ID 5D31313363-01Cranbone Chase, Dorset in April - ID 5D31312204-01Cranborne Chase near Tollard Royal in WiltshireCranborne Chase, Wiltshire in June 2012Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire in June 2012A Yellow Rape Field - ID 5D2123425-01Barn and Rape Field - ID 5D2123409-02Barn and Rape Field - ID 5D2123405