David Hansford Photography | Wiltshire

Wiltshire downs provide much scope for the landscape photographer. Included are the landmarks of Stonehenge and the country houses at Longleat and at Stourhead. The city of Salisbury has a its medieval cathedral with the spire being the highest in England.

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Win Green on Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire in July 2018 - ID: XT182062-PanoTraditional Cottage at Stourton near Stourhead House and Gardens - ID: XT181711-01Dawn in the Wiltshire Countryside - ID: XT181285-01Clouds march across the landscape over White Sheet Down in Wiltshire - ID: XT181210-01Win Green in Wiltshire in the Morning - ID: XP181058-01Winter Beech Trees on Win Green - ID: XT177044Wiltshire Clouds this morning on over Win Green - ID: XT2173365-01White Sheet Down near Mere. The landscape from White Sheet Down in the morning sunshine is spectacular and reveals a network of fertile arable fields. - ID: XT2173271-01White Sheet Down in July - ID: XP2173235Vista seen from White Sheet Down in July - ID: XT1173012-01Zeals Knoll - ID: XT1172993-01Beautiful Sky over Win Green, Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire in June 2017 - ID: XP2172462Beautiful Sky over Win Green, Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire in June 2017 - ID: XP2172459Towards Norton Ferris from White Sheet Down, Wiltshire with Long Knoll on the horizon - ID: XT2171783-02A Tulip Tree at Sourhead in Late Autumn - ID: XT2162961-01Fallen leaves at Stourhead, Wiltshire - ID: XT2162905-01Win Green in November - ID: XT2162880-01Salisbury Cathedral in September - ID: XT1162615White Sheet Down with Little Knoll on the Horizon - ID: XP1162281-01House in Salisbury Cathedral Close - ID: XT1162023-Pano